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Big idea

When you walk with Jesus you grow good fruit. When you walk away from Jesus you grow bad fruit.


Search on YouTube for “bible theatre galatians fruit of the spirit”

Watch the video together as a family or growth group.

Bible reading

Galatians 5:22-23


Did you notice this about the fruit of the spirit list from the video?

One syllable – love, joy, peace.

Two syllables – patience, kindness, goodness.

Three syllables – gentleness, faithfulness, self-control.

This may make the bible verse easier to remember.

HOWEVER, the ‘fruit of the spirit’ is not a checklist to achieve one at a time. The Holy Spirit helps us develop ALL of the fruit ALL of the time. All the characteristics above are the one fruit of the Holy Spirit. It’s really hard to have patience without love, faithfulness without joy, peace without gentleness. They all work together. As we walk with Jesus through life, his Spirit helps us grow in all these characteristics.

Talk about how these characteristics might work together in each your lives.

Prayer idea

Use popcorn prayers (one quick sentence – jump up and say it) to ask God for help to develop all the fruit of the Spirit

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