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Family Growth Term 2 2018

Week 9: The Suffering King

Big idea

David patiently suffered because of Israel’s bad leader, just like Jesus patiently suffered because of bad leaders.  Hope and trust in Jesus when we suffer.

Bible passage

1 Samuel 24

You will need

Access to the internet

All Ages Activity

In YouTube look up and watch ‘David and Saul’ published by Saddleback Kids


At the time of the video, David was suffering, he was on the run because his life was in danger. He struggled to find food and had to sleep in uncomfortable remote places all because King Saul wanted him dead. David already knew he was chosen to be the next king and could have ended his suffering if he had taken the opportunity to killed Saul in the cave there and then. But David chose to be patient and listen to God even though it was the harder choice. He gained respect from Saul, his own followers and he gained God’s favour.

In the New Testament we learn of another chosen king – God’s son Jesus who also knew he was to be king of God’s people. He also waited and suffered and gained God’s favour. But this time not just for himself, he also gained favour and forgiveness for you and me.

When we experience hard and tough things at home, school or work, we too may have to be patient and obedient and put our hope in Jesus who will understand and guide us.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

When we experience tough times or tough decisions please help us have courage to trust in you. Help us remember Jesus who patiently suffered for us. Help us make the right choices of what to say and how to respond.

In your name we pray


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