If you believe in Jesus your relationship with God has been made perfect by him through his life, death and resurrection.  You are completely forgiven and declared righteous by God. That means you can never do anything that will make you closer to him than the perfect acceptance you already have.  It also means that there is nothing you can do that will separate you from him. You are his for eternity.

Today is the day for joining God’s people to worship him.  It is a time to celebrate the wonder of your merciful God and a time to have your thoughts remoulded by God’s Word so that you will live with increasing confidence and delight in your Lord. The time with God’s people, whether in person or online, will then be one in which you experience transformation by the renewing of your mind.  It is a time to help you be increasingly clear about the blessing you already have through Christ.

Pray that you will approach this whole day with that confidence and with that sense of expectation.  Pray for all who will be joining with you, whether near or far, that they too will have that same joyful blessing in the Lord.