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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 9: Resolving Jesus


You need some blocks (e.g. Jenga blocks, wooden blocks)

Little slips of paper to write on

Blu tack.


Big idea

Jesus calls us to make serving him our number one priority no matter what the cost.


Bible reading

Luke 9:37-62



Think about things that are part of your life.  Write each one separately, or draw a little picture, on a little piece of paper and blu tack it to a block. For example:

  • Family
  • Sport
  • Music
  • School
  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Computer
  • Friends

Also write ‘Jesus’ on a piece of paper and blu tack it to a block.

Build a tower from the blocks – making sure your ‘Jesus’ block is the foundation.


We all have lots of things going on in our lives, and we can get busy with those. But Jesus needs to be at the foundation of everything we do.  If he is not the first building block in our lives, everything else will begin to fall over (take out the bottom block and make the tower fall over).  We can make Jesus the foundation in our lives in lots of ways. By praying and talking to him, reading about him, learning about him with other people at church, serving him wherever we are, telling other people about what Jesus has done for us to help us be friends with God, and becoming more like Jesus.

How are you going to make Jesus the foundation of your life this week?

Prayer idea

Start building the block tower again.  As you place each block on the tower, pray for that part of your life and that you can make Jesus the foundation of it.

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