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Big idea

God forgives and cleanses us of our sin bringing us from death to life.

Bible passage

Luke 17:11-19

You will need

Access to the internet

All Ages Activity

Watch the YouTube video of – The Thankful Leper (Luke 17: 11-19) by Saddleback Kids

In addition, for older children and teenagers, you might like to watch this other short video on YouTube to show what happens to sufferers with leprosy and to explain what leprosy is.

Every Two Minutes – Arshad’s story by The Leprosy Mission England & Wales


Can you imagine what it would be like if authorities arrived at your home and told your family they had to take you away forever and that you could never see your family again. This is a story about 10 people that that happened to, they were sent away because they were unclean due to a horrible skin disease called leprosy and had to live with other suffers out in the bush.

Jesus saw them, understood them, then he healed and cleansed them – this meant they could belong again and live with their families again. Jesus can do the same for us even today. He sees us and understand us. He can cleanse us from the things we are ashamed of. When he does this we also belong to God’s family forever.

But there was one more thing that happened, just one leper turned back to say thank you. Let us not forget to say thank you to Jesus for making us whole.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that you see me. Please take pity on me like you did with the lepers and cleanse me from the things that I’m ashamed of. Thank you for making me clean so that I can belong in your family forever.


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