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Cross, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Daily Devotion, Family Growth, Sin

Family Growth Term 4 2018

Week 4 – How Can A Good God Allow So Much Evil & Suffering?


Big idea

Lots of bad stuff happens in the world because of sin.  Jesus suffered and died, so we can have a future without sin and without suffering.


You Will Need

In preparation for this week it would be good to have at one or more newspapers covering news and current events.


All Ages Activity

As a family or growth group flick through the newspapers and cut out any articles about bad stuff, brokenness, hurt, pain and suffering.  As you do discuss how it makes you feel to live in a world where these sorts of things happen?


Bible passage  

Read Romans 8:18-25 together as a family or growth group.

Cross,Jesus,God,Holy Spirit,Daily Devotion 


Discuss how Paul’s description of a world groaning with sin matches up with what you’ve seen in the newspaper and in the world around you.

But Paul doesn’t just focus on the hurt and suffering, he talks about hope of a better future. A better future that the Spirit gives us a taste of now.

What does it mean to you to have the offer of a better future in Christ?
What can you do to share the hope you have for a better future in Jesus, with your friends and family?


All Ages Activity

Take the Newspaper clippings you collected and create a collage of the word ‘HOPE’.  Display the collage somewhere prominent in your home as a reminder of the hope Jesus offers when you’re feeling down, and as a reminder to share the hope you have in Jesus with your friends and family.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

We’re sorry for the things we do that contribute to the suffering in the world.

Thank you for sending Jesus to suffer and die in our place so we can look forward to a future without suffering.

Please help us to have the courage to share the hope with have with the people you’ve put in our lives.




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