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Family Growth Term 1 2019

WEEK 7- Be Ready


You need some good stuff to hand out: e.g. lollies, extra time up before bedtime, extra screen time, trip to the park, dessert

You need some bad stuff to hand out e.g. potato skins, weeding jobs, cleaning the toilet, half an hour early to bed, writing an essay about maggots

You need something to divide the room e.g. masking tape, rope, string

Big idea

Jesus tells some stories that show the big moment in God’s plan is about to happen at the cross.


Divide your family or growth group into two groups.

Stand one group on each side of the dividing line you have made.

Give one side all of the good stuff you have prepared.

Give the other side all of the bad stuff you have prepared.

Endure the complaints J

Then get everyone to choose sides again. Everyone can be on the same side this time if they want. Will they choose the side with the good stuff?

Bible reading

Luke 12:49-53


In this passage Jesus talks about people & even families being divided. Jesus has a place for us in heaven, where we can choose all of the good things Jesus has to offer. But some people do not choose Jesus. Even some members of your families may not choose Jesus.

Everyone have a chance to choose Jesus or not. What will you choose?

Prayer idea

Thank you God that you give us so many good things.

Help us to choose Jesus, and help others see how good it is to choose Jesus.

In Jesus name,


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