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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 1: Amazing Jesus

Big idea

Jesus shows amazing authority over life and death. The Roman commander shows amazing faith in Jesus’ authority.

All Ages Activity

Search of YouTube for a “People Are Awesome” video. There are plenty to pick from, so maybe pick one of the “best videos of the year” compilations and watch it. Get everyone in your family or growth group to pick which amazing feat they were most amazed by.

Bible Passage

Read Luke 7:1-17


Compare the amazing feat that you picked out of the video with what Jesus does to the widow’s son.

As Jesus approaches town his heart goes out to a widow who has lost her only son. There would have been lots of people sad for the widow, but Jesus does something that no one else can do. He brings the son back to life! Jesus has the power over life & death. That is far more amazing than any physical stunt.

How should we respond to the amazing Jesus? With amazing faith like the Roman centurion. He knew that Jesus had the power to heal, even at a distance. Even though he wasn’t a Jew, he had faith that Jesus had incredible power. He had a faith that even Jesus was amazed by.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you for the amazing Jesus. Thank you that he can do what no one else can. Thank you that he has the power over life & death. Please help us have faith like the centurion, and trust Jesus in everything, even when we can’t see him right in front of us.

In Jesus name



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