Abraham & The Promise

Big idea: God’s three promises to Abraham show he will crush sin and make everything good again.

Bible passage: Genesis 12:1-7

You will need: A blindfold, paper & pens

All Ages Activity

As a family or growth group you will do some trust falls. One person is blindfolded, and the rest of the group will gather behind them in two lines with arms outstretched to catch the person when they fall backwards. When all is ready ask the person to fall backwards trusting the rest of the family or growth group to catch them. Then you can swap the person with the blindfold and try again.

Debrief questions:

How hard was it trust people when you couldn’t see what was happening?

Why did you still trust everyone to catch you?


God called Abram to trust him, even when he couldn’t see the immediate result of this promise. He was asked to pack up his family and belongings and leave his extended family & country to go to a new country that God would show him. How hard would this have been!

But God promised that he would make Abram into a great nation of people, and will make his name great. And God promised that through Abram he would bless everyone on the whole earth. This was so life changing that God would give Abram a new name – Abraham (Genesis 17:5), which means father of many. After the bad news of the fall here is hope again. Hope that there would once again be God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule.

So Abraham trusted God and packed up everything and did what God asked. And even though Abraham was far from perfect God still used him to bless the whole earth. Through the family line that began with Abraham, and then Issac his son God had set in place the perfect plan to bring blessing to everyone. Eventually there would be a perfect son born who would make this blessing available to everyone. This perfect son was Jesus.


How hard is it for you trust God’s promises?

How does seeing God deliver on his promises in the Bible make it easier to trust him now?

Prayer idea

Each person write down a promise God makes to us. Take turns thanking God in prayer that he always delivers on his promises including the one on your bit of paper.