8.11 – Sunday

In Psalm 30:3, 4 we read, “Lord, you lifted my soul out of Sheol (place of the dead), you revived me from going down to the pit (grave).  Sing psalms to the Lord his beloved ones, give thanks to remember his holiness.”  It is glorious praise to our Lord for saving our life from eternal destruction and an encouragement to delight in his grace to us.  That is a great attitude to take along to the gathering of God’s people today.  When we sing God’s praise it is for being so loving to us in Jesus.  When we pray it is to our God who cares so perfectly.  When we hear his word, it is a message from the one who deserves all our attention and submission.  This is especially exciting today because the portion of God’s word will be a call to learn wisdom and to understand the will of the Lord.  Not just to learn and understand as an intellectual exercise but as something it characterizes our life. How could we not listen to him?  We will also be urged to encourage one another to praise and thanksgiving, so that our response to God’s grace is not an individual effort but something we do together.  How could we neglect that?

David Johnston – Creek Road Campus