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This is quite an old song that unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact lyrics to. I encourage you to listen to it when you get a moment please. 

Roughly, the chorus goes: 

May the Lord bless and keep you 

And may His face shine on you 

And may He give you peace 

Give you peace 

God wants you to have peace. God wants you to rest in Him. Over this weekend, can I encourage you to reflect on what the ‘big rocks’ in the glass jar of your life are that may be preventing you from spending more time in God’s word and with His people. Trust that He will bless efforts to draw closer to him. 

Also – why not take a moment and read over the passage that will be in tomorrow’s sermon. You might be surprised at what comes to mind as you reflect on it and it’s then brought to you by one of our preaching team. 

Oliver Meehan – Creek Road Campus

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