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Family Growth Term 1 2018

Week 5: Wrong Way Home

Big idea

Our Saviour Jesus resists the devil’s temptation to take a bad short cut home.


Bible passage

Luke 4:1-13


You will need

Pack of playing cards, soft toy


All Ages Activity

Work together for about 5 minutes to build a structure with playing cards.

Now place the soft toy on top of your structure.

How did your structure go? Did it support the weight of the soft toy or did it collapse under the toy’s weight?



Making a structure with playing cards doesn’t work very well because it doesn’t use proper building techniques. It’s taking a bad short cut instead of building something the right way.


We need to be on guard against the temptation to take bad short cuts on the way home to God. Jesus showed us how to resist the devil’s temptation by listening to His Father always.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that Jesus was your perfect son who resisted temptation and carried out your plan for our salvation. Help us to follow Jesus’ example and resist temptations to try short cuts on our way home to you.

In Jesus name we pray.


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