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Family Growth Term 2 2018

Week 4: Worshipping the King

Big idea

Israel turns from worshipping God and asks for a king just like the other nations. It’s through Jesus we can worship God.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 8

You will need

Junk mail brochures advertising things younger children might want


Primary Activity

Look through a junk mail brochure and find something that you would really like to have.

Why do you want it? Do lots of other kids have it?

Do you just want things so you can be like everyone else? Are you worshipping God or worshipping fitting in with other people?


High School Activity

Think about something you want that lots of other kids your age have. Do you want it just to be like everyone else? What does this tell about what you are worshipping? Are you worshipping fitting in with other people instead of worshipping God?



The nation of Israel turned away from worshipping God and wanted a king so they could be just like all the other nations. They worshipped the idea of ‘fitting in’ more than they worshipped God.

We shouldn’t be frightened to be different and stand out from the crowd for worshipping Jesus.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the many wonderful things you have given us to enjoy in this world. Help us to remember to worship only you.

In Jesus name we pray.




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