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Family Growth Term 4 2018

Week 2: Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Big idea

Lots of people will say that the bible isn’t true, but if you read the bible, and ask God to help you understand it, He will show you that Jesus is true.

Bible passage

Luke 24:44-47 and Luke 1:1-4

You will need

Access to the internet

All Ages Activity

Part 1: Ask everyone in the group where they think the best place to get ice-cream is?

Part 2: Watch the video – “The Bible Explored: Can I trust the Bible?” From the Canadian Bible Society on YouTube.


In your growth group, (of people who all live in the same century and the same city) did you all agree on the best place to get ice-cream?

It is usually very difficult to get humans to agree fully on anything. What then are the chances of 40 people who had never met each other and who lived in different cities and different centuries writing documents that agree with each other on issues as important as God’s plan for the world?

Something very special happened for the bible to have been written with different books so perfectly in harmony with each other, with predictions that were accurate and with writings that all point to Jesus.

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us the answer – it says that ‘All Scripture is God-breathed’.

When we read from the bible we can trust that it is a message to us from God.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that you have given us a bible that teaches us about Jesus. Thank you that there is so much evidence of its accuracy and harmony that we can trust the words we read. Please take away our doubts and strengthen our faith so that we may be your children eternally.

In Jesus name we pray Amen