Where your treasure is

Family Growth Term 1 2019

WEEK 6- Where Your Treasure Is

Big idea

Jesus wants us to trust him more than anything else.  This will cause us to be generous not greedy.


Look at some junk mail, or some ads on social media.  Some advertising is getting very specific and clever – even trying to sell you t-shirts that seem like they are made just for you.  Pick out some items that you may treasure – a new phone?  A holiday? Some new clothes? A new toy?Bible passage

Read Luke 12:13-21

Look up the video on YouTube “parable of the rich fool max7” and watch it.

More Discussion

The rich farmer tried to build more and more room to store all of his stuff. Little did he know that he would soon die.

We often try to get more and more stuff. Nearly all of the time, after saving and wishing and planning for the stuff, it doesn’t seem as good as you thought. So your mind turns to how you can get more stuff. This is what advertisers like. They know you are not happy with the stuff you have, and want to buy more. It’s a terrible cycle to be trapped in.

Jesus warns the rich farmer against focusing on getting stuff. It is a warning for us too. A person’s life is not measure by how much stuff they have.

Jesus tells us to treasure what is in heaven instead. To be rich toward God. This way we are not trapped into thinking we need more stuff to be happy.


Dear God, we are sorry for all the times we think about getting more stuff, instead of getting stuff right with you. Help us focus on putting our treasures in heaven, and to be generous with what we have.