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Family Growth Term 4 2018

Week 6- What Does God Say About Different Relationships

Big idea

People have different types of relationships, and sometimes we’re scared of people who are different.  While there is God’s best plan for relationships, Jesus still treated all people the same – as people needing God’s forgiveness and a new life with him.


Bible passage

John 4:1-30; 39-42


Primary Activity

Search on YouTube for “The Woman at the Well (John 4)” by Saddleback Kids. Watch it.


High School Activity

Read the Bible passage.

Search on YouTube for “Woman At The Well” by Reidland Tucker. Watch this modern interpretation of the story to get some insight into how this woman might have felt as she met Jesus that day.

Cross,Jesus,God,Holy Spirit,Daily Devotions,

Discussion for both ages:

The woman in this story had made lots of mistakes with her relationships. God’s best plan for relationships is one man and one woman. However this woman had had 5 husbands, and was now with another man who was not her husband. Because of all her mistakes she did not have any friends in her town. But Jesus comes and offers her living water. He sees past all of her mistakes and offers her “living water”. Jesus knows her mistakes but was willing to love and forgive her so she could live forever with him.


In the same way we are often scared of people who are different, and have different relationships. But no matter what mistakes people make with their relationships, Jesus still loves them and wants them to live forever with him. We should lovingly invite all people into God’s family through Jesus, no matter what mistakes they might have made with their relationships. Jesus treats everyone the same – as people needing God’s forgiveness and a new life with him. Let us do the same.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that you love everyone the same. No matter what mistakes we make with our relationships we are all the same to you. You see us as people who make mistakes, and need forgiveness. Thank you that you offer all of us living water – forgiveness and eternal life with you. Help us freely share that offer with everyone around us, even the people who are different to us.


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