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Family Growth Term 2 2018

Week 1: Waiting for the King


Big idea

Unlike Israel, Hannah waits for God’s true king through her troubles.  Jesus is the true King the world is waiting for.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 1:1-20

All Ages Activity

Think about a time when you had to wait patiently for something you really wanted. Maybe it was your birthday? Maybe it was a holiday?

Why did you long for it?

How did you feel while you were waiting?

How did you feel when you eventually received what you were waiting for?

Take turns around your family or growth group to share what you had to wait for and how you felt.


We sometimes really want things and feel we have to wait a long time for them. Hannah waited and longed for a child for many years. But through all that waiting Hannah stayed faithful to God, waiting and crying out to God for a son. She promised if her prayer was answered that she would give her son into God’s service. When God gave Hannah a son, she was overjoyed and could have forgotten her promise but again showed faithfulness to God by keeping her promise.

Many years later the king the whole world had been waiting for arrived – Jesus. He is the true king of the world and truly worth waiting for.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of prayer so we can ask for your help in our lives. Help us to be patient while we are waiting and stay faithful to you. And thank you that the thing we need most has already been provided – King Jesus.

In Jesus name we pray.


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