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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 2: Trusting Jesus

Big Idea

Jesus’ power over sickness and spirits shows that he’s God’s promised, rescuing king. He’s not the king people expected, but he can be trusted to rescue us from sin.

You will need

From an online Bible copy and print out the following verses of the Bible

  • Luke 7:22
  • Isaiah 29:17-18
  • Isaiah 35:5-6
  • Isaiah 61:1
  • Coloured highlighters

Bible passage

Luke 7:18-23

All Ages Activity

Isaiah was a prophet that wrote down promises about the coming the Messiah about 700 years before Jesus was born.

Read the Bible passage. John the Baptist was unsure if Jesus was the promised Messiah, so he sends his disciples to find out more from Jesus. In verse 22 Jesus points to some of the things that he is doing. Get the print out of Luke 7:22, and compare them with the promises from the print outs from Isaiah. Highlight the things that are the same with the same colour.


Jesus shows he is the promised Messiah. Blind people are seeing again. Lame people are walking again. Lepers are clean again. Dead people are alive again. Good news is being announced to poor people. Jesus is doing everything promised by God. We can also trust that when he died on the cross and rose again that was what God promised. Jesus is the one we can trust in to rescue us from sin and death.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that Jesus did all that God promised. And thank you that when he died and rose again he beat sin & death for us all. Help us trust in Jesus to rescue us from sin & death.

In Jesus name,


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