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Big idea

David has been a bad shepherd. God reveals the consequences of David’s sin and still forgives him. Jesus is the good

Bible passage   

2 Samuel 12:1-14

You will need
a few bags of lollies
a small chocolate bar

All Ages Activity

As a family or growth group act out this imitation of the parable the Prophet Nathan used to rebuke David:

“Two kids lived in the same house. One had lots of lollies. The other didn’t.  The one with lots of lollies had more than one packet of lollies of all different types.  But all the other kid had was one little chocolate bar. They had saved for it.  They had bought it. It was going to be for a special occasion. It was that kid’s prised possession.

“One day the kids with lots of lollies had a friend come over. The kid with all the lollies wanted to do something special for their friend. But they didn’t want to share any of his own lollies. Instead, he took the little chocolate bar that belonged to the other kid. Then the kid with all the lollies gave it to the friend who had come to visit them and they ate it.”

Bible Passage:

Now read the real story in 2 Samuel 12:1-14


What was it like having your only chocolate taken away by someone who already had lots of lollies?

How is that like what David did?

What would a Good king/Good shepherd do?

What did Jesus do to show he is a Good King and a Good Shepherd?

Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

I know that you are generous and holy and give us everything we need.

I’m not like that because sometimes I’m selfish and want what other people have.

Thankyou that Jesus came to be the good king and good shepherd that we need and gave up his life so we can live forever with you.

Please help me to live a life of thankfulness because of your love at work in me.

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