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Big idea

King David’s willingness to sacrifice to rescue Israel prepares us for Jesus who sacrifices himself to rescue his people.

Bible passage

We get to the end of 2 Samuel, and King David again shows he isn’t perfect. He decides to count all the fighting men in Israel, but doesn’t make a sacrifice at the same time like he is supposed to (Exodus 30:11-12). You can read about what David did, and the really bad consequences that happen as a result in 2 Samuel 24.

For younger kids you might want to watch a video storytelling of it. Search on YouTube for “David’s census and plague” by 2 fish talks.

Kids Activity

Share in your family or growth group about a time where you got in trouble at school, and what the consequence was.

Now imagine that instead of you facing the consequence, one of your friends said they did the bad thing (even though they didn’t), and took the consequence for you. Their sacrifice saved you.

Youth Activity

We often hear about ‘sacrifice’ in the Bible. And sometimes an even bigger word ‘atonement’. But what is the deeper meaning behind all this sacrificing? Find on YouTube the video “Sacrifice & Atonement” by The Bible Project for a deeper look at sacrifice across the whole Bible story.

All-Ages Discussion:

David’s sin led to a great plague that was only stopped when he offers a sacrifice. The place that he bought to offer this sacrifice ends up being where the temple is built years later (2 Chronicles 3:1). So in this very same place there would be many, many sacrifices offered for the sin of the people. This all causes us to think of the greatest sacrifice that Jesus offered of himself. The sacrifice to end all sacrifices of his own body. Now our sin is paid for and we can live for God knowing that we will never have to sacrifice blood again to be a part of God’s family.

Prayer idea

Draw a cross together, and make sure you draw some red blood on it.

As you look at this reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus, get each person to pray and thank God for the sacrifice Jesus made so we don’t have to.

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