The Return of the King

Big idea

King David’s love and mercy towards his enemies points us to Jesus who loves his enemies and offers forgiveness in his mercy.

All Ages Activity

Find this video on YouTube and watch it as a family or growth group.

Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Have any of you ever freaked out like this because of something someone did to them?

Bible passage

After having a war with his son Absalom David is back as the king. Back when he was running away from Absalom a man Shimei was very rude to David. He cursed him. He threw stones at him. He showered him with dirt (2 Samuel 16:5-14).

Now that David is back as king he has a chance to freak out and get back at Shimei. Have a look and see how David reacts as you read 2 Samuel 19:15-23


David has the chance to rightfully kill his enemy Shimei. Instead he shows him love and mercy. Jesus is our perfect king who will always show love and mercy. He does this for all of us, even when we are his enemies. He died on the cross and came back to life for us, even when we are his enemies. The love and mercy of Jesus is amazing, and we should try and show the same love and mercy to our enemies.

Prayer idea

Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy. Thank you that even when we were your enemies you died for us so we can join your family. When people are mean to us help us not to freak out. Instead help us show the same love and mercy to them. Help us invite them to get the best love and mercy from you.

In Jesus name,

By the Holy Spirit,