The Pattern of the King

Big idea

David’s hurtful sin is repeated in his family, through his sons. God’s healing forgiveness is repeated in his family, through his son, King Jesus.

Bible passage   

2 Samuel 13:23-38

You will need
some honey

All Ages Activity

As you start your time together “accidentally” make a mess with some honey making sure to get plenty on your hands.  Then give each member of your family a handshake or a high-five with your sticky hands.

Before you clean up discuss how easily the sticky mess spread from one person to the next.  A lot of times the bad consequences of our choices impact on the people around us, just like the sticky mess spread from person to person.  This is especially obvious in King David’s family.

Bible Passage:

Discuss the sticky situations David has got his family into so far:

David saw another man’s wife, Bathsheba, and wanted her for his own.  David got Bathsheba pregnant while she was still married to Uriah.  David had Uriah killed so he could marry Bathsheba and cover up his sin. Because of David’s sin Bathsheba’s baby died.  Just like David, his son Amnon saw his half-sister and wanted her to be his.  Amnon’s actions to Tamar were so bad she felt ashamed for the rest of her life and she had to live with her other brother Absalom.  Absalom was so mad with his brother Amnon that the sticky consequences continued to spread… read more about what happened next in 2 Samuel 13:23-38


What was it like getting caught up in someone else’s sticky mess?

How is that like David’s story?

How is Jesus a better father & King?

What did Jesus do to fix our sticky messes?

Rather than mess, what did Jesus come to spread through us?

Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

I know that you are loving and forgiving.

I’m not like that because sometimes I get caught up in sticky sinful situations.

Thankyou that Jesus came to forgive our sins and change us through his spirit so we can spread his love.

Please help me to live a life that spreads your love and forgiveness to others too.