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Family Growth Term 1 2018

Week 2: The Great Reversal

Big idea

God’s new way home is worth singing about.


Bible passage

Luke 1:39-56


All Ages Activity

Mary was so amazed at what God was doing through her that she broke into song.

Search on YouTube for “magnificat marys song lyrics” for a look at someone putting Mary’s words to a contemporary tune.


See if you can make up your own tune for Mary’s song as a family or growth group.


Mary knew that she was involved in God’s big plan.  Her response was to accept it humbly, look to the Lord, and sing about it with joy.

It makes you wonder what the tune was that she used, or whether she played an instrument with her song?  We don’t know those details, but we do know that she was joyful and her song was focused on God.  She sings about what He has done and the works of God.  Her song is now written down to be read and performed by others for thousands of years.  The style of songs can change, but the words and the joy stay the same.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you for the gift of song. And thank you that we can sing songs of Jesus to praise you how you have rescued us. Help us sing with true joy when we sing to you. And help our singing share this joy with the world.

In Jesus name,