Sunday 14.2

I love Sundays, what a way to reflect on the week gone past, giving thanks for the times I’ve messed up, but was able to freely come to Jesus in repentance and find forgiveness; giving me hope for the week ahead.

Today in Church and during the coming week we see in the pages of the Bible some people in real distress. sickness and death are part of this life we live in a broken world, but Jesus gets right in there with these people and us. He does not serve up platitudes of its going to be OK, but meets each person at their point of need. He goes to the root cause of their distress and provides the answer, that is, to trust in Him and His saving power. Theirs and our need of Jesus is often displayed in physical ways, but, in reality, all we need is the assurance that we are saved for an eternal life with Jesus, our King and Saviour. Our earthy life will pass, but eternity stretches ahead.

So, today rejoice with your fellow worshipers in the words of the Westminster shorter catechism: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

Sandra Hinrichsen – Creek Road