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Big idea

While God judges Israel’s leaders for serving themselves, he is raising up a faithful priest who will serve others forever.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 2:12-21


You will need

A food treat large enough to share between the group such as a cake or chocolate.

All Ages Activity

Ask someone in the family or growth group to cut up the treat into pieces to serve out to everyone.

Tell that person to serve themselves a piece first, but wait to eat it.

Invite everyone else to choose a piece for the server to give them and also wait to eat it.

Have a chat about why you chose the piece of food you have.

Did you think about the size of the piece when you were choosing it?


Who chose the smallest piece? Thank them for not being selfish in their choice.


Who chose the biggest piece? Remind them to try to put others first in future.



In the bible reading, the sons of Eli served God selfishly. They greedily took better meat than they were entitled to. We often also forget to serve sacrificially and focus only on ourselves.


In comparison, God sent Jesus as the ultimate faithful priest who serves sacrificially. Samuel was an example of a faithful priest, but the only perfectly faithful priest would be Jesus. We should try to follow the example of Jesus, not of Eli’s sons.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord, Thank you for sending Jesus to show us how we can serve sacrificially.

Help us to follow His example.

In Jesus name we pray.




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