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Family Growth Term 2 2018

Week 7- Seeing the King

Big idea

Saul, the king Israel wanted, was replaced by David, the king that God wanted.  David points to the true King that we all need – Jesus.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 16:1-13


You Will Need (for primary aged only)

Two boxes. One plain, one that looks more impressive.

A potato

Small but yummy treats


Primary Activity

Get the two boxes. Without anyone seeing put the potato in the impressive box, and the yummy treats in the plain box.

Get the family or growth group together and tell the kids that they get to pick one box only. They will get to keep & enjoy whatever is inside the box. Then get them to pick.

After they have picked compare their prize with the other box. Spend some time debriefing why they chose the box they did, and what was actually inside.


High School Activity

Get each of the family or growth group to think of an example of a celebrity that got famous through their looks or talent, but has questionable character and actions (e.g. the Kanye West / Taylor Swift feud). Compare why they got famous in the first place with their heart attitude and character.



In our activity we saw the difference between judging on outward appearance. Let’s look at what God judges people on.

READ 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Saul looked like an impressive king (1 Sam 9:2), but by the time we read this passage it is obvious he does not have an impressive heart. God has rejected a disobedient Saul, and now asks Samuel to appoint a better king. This better king will be David, the youngest and least of Jesse’s sons. God is clear – while people look at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart. David is the better king because he has the better heart. Ultimately David will also fail, but he points to the king we all need. Not a king who looks impressive on the outside. Instead we need a king with a perfect heart. We need Jesus.

How can our hearts be more like the heart of Jesus?


Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that you look beyond outward appearance. You look deep into people’s hearts. I praise you for your perfect king Jesus, who had the perfect heart. A heart that loves us so deeply he died for us. Sorry for when we don’t love like Jesus does. Help us have a heart like Jesus, that loves those around us so much it hurts.

In Jesus name,