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Unless we know we are forgiven, accepted and at peace with God, we will feel threatened by God.  It is then so important for us to know our salvation has been completed by Jesus in his life, death and resurrection.

The prophet Isaiah in the Eight Century B.C. recorded in Isaiah 26 a song which spoke of a future time (now for us) when God would be praised for his goodness.  In the 12th verse we read these astounding words, “O Lord, you will ordain peace for us, for you have done for us all our works.”  Praise the Lord for this totally comforting description of the work of the Lord Jesus.  In the days when you feel like a failure, or even the weeks or months, the reality is that Jesus has done all the works required from you for your salvation.  In him you have made it!  Rest in him.

Think carefully about what that means for your life right now and then spend some time praising the Lord for his perfect provision for your salvation which is wholly assured in Jesus.

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