Life; Beyond Death

Big idea

Because of sin we are like dead trees growing rotten fruit. Jesus makes us living trees which begin to grow good fruit.


Go to your fridge, your garden (or even your bin or a school bag).  What is lurking in the vegetable crisper, or in the containers at the back of the fridge?  What is in your garden under a rock? Look for something rotten.

Smell it.

How does that make you feel?  Disgusting?  Gross, icky, yuck?  Get it away from me!

Now find something good to eat, like a crunchy fresh apple, or a soft ripe banana, or a fresh glass of milk.  How much better is it?  It is so much better when it doesn’t make your stomach turn over.

Read the Bible passage

Galatians 5:19-26


Jesus does the impossible.  He takes something that is rotten, and makes it fresh.  Remember the rotten thing you smelled?  Imagine if you could make it fresh and good to eat?  Sounds crazy – but that’s what the Bible says Jesus does with us.  He loved us so much that he wanted to make us new and fresh.  He died to make this happen.

In Galatians it says that Jesus lives in us.  When we believe in Jesus, His spirit lives within us.  Like a friend that is always there. Helping us to bear the good fruit of Spirit in our lives, not the rotten fruit of sin.

Prayer idea

Thank God for sending his son Jesus to die to help us become new and fresh.  Pray that we can show God’s love through our actions and words this week.