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Big idea

Jesus is God’s whole new way of dealing with sin and inviting people home to be with him.

Bible passage

Luke 6:1-11


All Ages Activity

As a family or growth group go through the local fridge or pantry and find things that are beyond their use by date. Decide together whether you should throw them out or not. Hold onto them for now until prayer time.



In Jesus day there were a lot of Pharisees and teachers of the law who were more worried about following rules than following God with their whole heart. Jesus shows and tells that he has come to bring a new way for God’s people. Not the old way that had become all about rules. But a new way that is about forgiveness, freedom and life. A new way for you, and for all your friends and family. Jesus is still inviting people to this new life of forgiveness & freedom only found with him.

Who around you can you introduce to Jesus so they can find life in him?


Prayer idea

Take the old food you are ready to throw out. As you throw it out pray to thank God that Jesus came throw out the old way of living by only rules. Thank God that Jesus brings a new life of forgiveness and freedom. And one that will never have an expiry date.

Take the time to pray for people around you who you want to find forgiveness, freedom & life in Jesus. Pray that God might use you to show them new life in Jesus.

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