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Family Growth – 1 Samuel- Week 6

Obeying the King

Big idea

God judges Saul and rejects him as king because he disobeyed.  Jesus is the true king who obeys God, and brings us into obedience.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 15:1-29 (watch a video version of this later)

You will need

Access to YouTube

Squares of paper for origami & sticky tape (for high schoolers)


Primary Activity

Play the game Simon Says. Kids need to listen well and obey what you say, but only when Simon says. If Simon doesn’t say an action they are out for that round.


High School Activity

Search on YouTube for “Origami – How to make a simple lovely heart”. Get everyone in the family or growth group to watch the video first. Then hand out paper squares and see if they have listened well enough to remember and obey the instructions.



Watch the Bible story for today on YouTube. Search for “Samuel Rebukes King Saul – Superbook”.


Saul disobeyed God, and this wasn’t the first time (see 1 Samuel 13). So because Saul disobeyed God’s word, through Samuel God now rejects Saul as king. He is going to give the kingdom to a better king. And while at first that better king might look like David, in the end the best king is Jesus. He is the king who obeyed God always, even when it meant he would die on the cross and rise again. Jesus’ obedience is good news for us. It means we can now be part of God’s kingdom. So because of what Jesus has done we should be so thankful that we try and obey God too. When do you find it hard to obey God?


Prayer idea

Dear Lord

Thank you that Jesus fully obeyed you, even to death on a cross. Thank you that we can now be part of your kingdom, with Jesus as our king. We’re sorry for the times that we don’t obey your word. Help us listen to your word and obey, just like our king Jesus did.

In Jesus name,


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