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Family growth Term 3 2018

Week 5: Obeying Jesus

Big idea

Jesus’ amazing power over storms and spirits shows that we should obey him as God.


Bible passage

Luke 8: 12-39

You Will Need

Blank paper and coloured pencils, crayons or felt pens


Chalk to draw on concrete

All Ages Activity

Choose one of the stories from the bible reading that your family or growth group would like to illustrate in a comic strip. Jesus calming the storm will be easier for younger kids, while Jesus restoring a demon-possessed man will stretch older kids and youth.

Make a list of the separate scenes in the story you’ve chosen. Ask each family or group member to choose a different scene to illustrate either on paper or with chalk on different sections of a concrete path.

NOTE: If paper is used, place all scenes on display in sequence. If drawing on a concrete path, make sure the pictures are drawn in the correct order along the path. 

Cross, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Daily Devotion


What amazing power did Jesus show in the story you chose to illustrate?

How do the people who witnessed Jesus using His amazing power react?

How does the amazing power of Jesus encourage you to obey Him?

Prayer idea

Dear Lord, Thank you for showing us your amazing power in these stories. Please help us to obey you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.