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Below is the Finance Report for May 2022.  The Cash Flow graph represents our ‘Cash at Bank’ at the end of each month.  ‘Cash at Bank’ refers to all our bank accounts, excluding Capital Funds or Special Projects Account.  The second graph illustratesthe gap between budgeted and actual giving to help us see how any ‘gap’ is tracking.

You will notice that our giving is significantly higher than budget. In March, we received $100,000 from an anonymous giver. The board, Finance Manager and Treasurer are liaising to determine the best way to steward this ‘extra’ giving. In accordance with policy, 10% ($10,000) has been transferred for distribution to our Partners in Mission.

For a more detailed explanation of our current financial position, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Finance Manager, Janet Sutton, for more information – 3398 4333 or

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