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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 3: Loving Jesus

Big idea

When we understand how big our sin is, we understand how much bigger God’s love is.

You will need

Have the following ready for the reading of the bible passage:

  • A small treat for each person to eat
  • Perfume or deodorant
  • Water – preferably in a spray bottle
  • Cloth or towel
  • 2 piles of coins – one much bigger than the other
  • Something heart shaped

Bible passage and All Ages Activity

Read the passage Luke 7:36-50 – As you read the following words, use actions and props suggested to add visual and sensory effects to the reading

  • Reclined – slouch in your chair
  • Eating – eat the treat you have
  • Perfume – spray the perfume around
  • Weeping or wet – spray or sprinkle water around
  • Kissed or kissing – kiss your hand
  • Touching – touch person next to you
  • Tell or said – mouth as though you are talking
  • Denarii – put the 2 piles of coins out for all to see
  • Wiped – use the towel to wipe
  • Love – hold out the heart


Have you had times when you know you have “messed up” and everything has gone wrong, where you find yourself in trouble with everyone? It’s times like these that we don’t think anyone can love us. In the bible reading above both the pharisee and the woman had “messed up”. The woman realizes it and weeps in front of Jesus and makes him feel welcome, whereas the man shows Jesus no welcome and no remorse. Jesus’s love is so great that he does not turn this bad woman away but understands her and acknowledges her weeping and forgives her. This gives each of us such hope. Jesus is loving and will never turn us away, even when we have messed up. He will always be there ready to understand our tears and receive our love and remorse.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord

There are days when I mess up. I do or say things I shouldn’t. I can be lazy and greedy or get really angry.

Please help me be like the woman in the reading. Help me see how I’m doing the wrong things and please forgive me. Thank you that I can trust in your love and forgiveness as the woman did. Help me show the same love you show me to those around me.

In Jesus name



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