Big Idea:  We are only in the right place when we are in God’s family.  God sent Jesus to bring us home to his family.

Bible Passage: Luke 15:1 – 31

You will need:  Objects (or just one) that are (or seem) precious, or perhaps good to eat, that can be hidden and then searched for.

All age activity:  Have everyone close their eyes while somebody from the family or growth group hides a precious object somewhere in the room where you are gathered, making sure it is not too easily found.  Then everyone searches for it.  When it is found, have a celebration.  Repeat a few times if there are different objects.

Discussion: Jesus searches for us.  He calls out to us by people telling us about all that he has done for us when he lived, died and rose again. They are his messengers to us.  He finds us when we listen to his message and believe in him.  Then, there is great celebration in heaven.

How does Jesus search for us at church, school, work or other places?  How has he called out to you?  How do we know when we have been found by Jesus?  How can we celebrate when people are found by Jesus?

Prayer:  Loving Father, we thank you that Jesus searches for us and is calling us when we hear about him.  Help us to listen to him and believe in him.  Help us to celebrate being found by Jesus. Help us to celebrate when anybody is found by him.  In Jesus name.  Amen.