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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 6: Living Jesus

Big idea

Jesus’ power to heal the sick, and raise the dead, proves we can have new life through faith in him.


We are going to act out the Bible passage as it is read, so you will need to cast roles (double up if you need) for:

  • Jesus
  • Jairus
  • Bleeding woman
  • Messenger from Jairus’ house
  • Jairus’ daughter
  • Extras – disciples, wailers and mourners

Bible passage

Luke 8:40-56

As you read act out the roles dramatically.


In this story Jesus showed his power over sickness by healing the bleeding woman. He also showed his power over death, by bringing the girl back to life.  Both times people had faith in Jesus that he would do what he said.  They must have been watching and listening to all that was happening when Jesus was around, and decided to put their trust in him.

These were BIG problems they had – a very long term illness, and dying.  Jesus was stronger than their problems, and he saw their faith.

Do you have faith in Jesus to have power over your life?  Even when there are BIG problems?


Thank you God that you sent Jesus.  Thank you for the power he has over sickness and death.  We pray we can have faith in Jesus, even when our problems are BIG.