LIFE; Beyond Pride

Big idea

Pride is when I think life is about me, but Jesus shows us that real life is all about God and what he wants, not me and what I want.


As a family or growth group get each person to think of a time you were upset because you weren’t first in something, or you didn’t get your own way. If someone struggles to think of something, I am sure their family will be able to help.

Bible reading

Philippians 2:3-11


Pride is when we think things in life are about me, not about God and what he wants for others and me. In the Philippians passage, we see that Jesus was the ultimate example of being humble. Instead of being proud & selfish, he gave up everything to die for us. What humility!

We are encouraged to do the same. Look to our saviour Jesus and value others more than ourselves.

Work out something you can do to value others right now. You could encourage them by writing them a card or sending them a message or photo. Do it together as a family or growth group.

Prayer idea

Ask God to forgive you for times you have been too proud.

Ask God to help you be humble instead, just like Jesus.

Pray for each of the people that you have just done something for.