Life; Beyond Lust

Big idea

Lust is seeing people we shouldn’t have and acting like we need them. Jesus shows us what real love is, and he really loves us!

All Ages Activity

On YouTube search for:

“bible theater david Bathsheba”

Sit together as a family or Growth Group and watch the video.

Bible passage

Read 2 Samuel 11


In the video we see King David who was overwhelmed by lust for Bathsheba. Lust is a very strong feeling where you intensely want an object or person for yourself. His feelings of lust for Bathsheba were so strong that David forgot about God, he forgot about what is right and he had her husband killed to satisfy his desires. Nathan the prophet was able to help David realise his terrible sin. David did say sorry but God still punished him and his first son with Bathsheba died.

A feeling of lust can happen at any time. How do we know if it is lust? One of the ways to tell, is to notice what happens because of the feeling of wanting something. If we want an object very badly (e.g. a phone) and we find ourselves lying, cheating, whining and creating family fights and havoc to get it, the desire for that phone has turned into lust.

If we want a certain friend very badly and we have to be nasty to others, gossip, tell lies or hurt someone’s feelings then we know that the desire for that person is lust.

Acting out a feeling of lust always has hurtful consequences.

So what can we do? We are fortunate to have Jesus to turn to – he is a king who does not give an example of lust as David did, but a king that shows us what real love is. His real love serves and builds up others and does not leave a trail of hurt or tears. When we have strong feelings we can always check whether we are acting in a way that is hurtful or loving to those around us


Dear God. There are so many things that attract our attention each day. When our desires are really strong please help us avoid lust. Help us from doing or saying bad or hurtful things to get what we want. Please help us to act instead with real love as you would. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen

This Grow Daily was  originally posted as part of the God With Us – Matthew series. During the School Holidays we take the opportunity to look back at the Grow Dailys over the years.