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Big idea: Solomon isn’t the son who brings the blessing God promised. He chooses not to live with only God as his loving king.

Bible passage: 1 Kings 11: 1-10

All Ages Activity

Sit together as a family or Growth Group.

The oldest person is the leader and is to pretend to be ordering a pizza meal for everyone and must listen to everyone’s preferences as to what to order.

You each need to decide on the following 4 choices and let your leader know your preferences:

  • Type of pizza crust e.g. thick or thin crust
  • The pizza topping
  • What cold drink should be ordered
  • What flavour ice-cream to get for dessert

Based on everyone preferences the leader is to make the final decision of only 1 type of crust and topping, 1 type of cold drink and 1 flavour of ice-cream

The leader then is to write down the final ‘pretend’ order and let everyone know what it is.

Question to the group: Would you be happy with the leader’s final choice and would you eat or drink everything he is going to order?

Question to the leader: Was is easy or difficult to please everyone in the group. Were you able to give everyone their first choice?

Discussion: In the reading today we learn that King Solomon had disobeyed God and married women from other countries that the Lord had warned him against. We learn that he had 700 wives who were royalty from other nations and who had different gods. Solomon loved these women and tried to please them all.

From the activity today you may have some idea how hard it can be to please everyone around you. It can be very distracting when people you like and want to please are asking you do things for them or go places with them that may not be quite right.  Friends may want a play date on a Sunday when you would normally go to church or they may want you to go to movies on a Youth night.

Solomon had this struggle with his wives and he did become distracted as he tried to please them all. He was building temples for them to worship their gods and burning incense with them. He became so distracted trying to please them that his heart turned away from God.

Even with his incredible wisdom king Solomon also failed God’s people – they still have to wait for a king who won’t get distracted or tempted. They still have to wait for the perfect king, Jesus.

Prayer idea: Dear Lord, Please help me to know when I am being distracted away from by you trying to please others. Help me keep my eyes firmly on you in my love for others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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