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Big Idea: God’s kingdom is found in trusting in Jesus and not in the stuff and friendships the world offers.

Bible Passage:  Luke 18:18-29

All Age Activity: 

A game of imagination with everyone having the opportunity throw in their ideas: 

  1. Let’s try to imagine what it would be like to sell everything and give the money to those in need. Where would you live? What would you do for food?  What would you do all day?
  2. Now let’s imagine that instead you decide to keep your stuff that God has given you (house, car, money, toys, etc.).  How can you use it all for God’s kingdom? How can you use them for others?

Discussion: What Jesus wants is that we don’t let anything get in the way of trusting in him and serving him.  The rich man in the story thought his money was so important that he would rather not follow Jesus than lose his money.  Jesus wants it to be the other way around.  Jesus wants us to remember that he is so important that we would follow him no matter what we might lose.

Is there anything you sometimes or regularly miss out on because you follow Jesus?  Does that upset you or make you feel stronger as a follower of Jesus?

Prayer:  Father, we thank you that you give us all that we need.  It is hard to follow Jesus sometimes and we pray that you would help us to remember how important Jesus is so that we remember how unimportant other things really are.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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