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Living Church Growth Groups:-

  • Read the Bible together
  • Pray
  • Care for each other
  • Are invested in each other’s maturity in Christ

As such – the following are resources or actions that we believe will enable a culture that facilitates the above.

Weekend AwayEncourage GG to get away annually – firstly over night, but if that isn’t possible – at least for a day 
Coach Catch-UpsAim for 2 face-to-face per year & then other contact during the year 
AgreementsFollow the outline provided in the Ministry Paper.
Best documented in some way 
Regularity of meetingBest weekly during school terms 
Size of groupMaximum 15 adults 
TrainingAll together once a term
Have a communication method that functions between GG meetingsE.g. – WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger 

Resources available –  

  1. Knowledge base – a collection of resources going into some of the above in more detail –  
  1. We are blessed to have some social workers in the church if a pastoral care issue arises and some guidance is required. Please contact your Coach, who will, with the Connect Grow serve Director arrange a time to speak with one of the social workers about appropriate next steps 

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