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Big idea: God’s people were led away from God by their kings, and so were kicked out of God’s special place; just like Adam and Eve.

Bible passage: 2 Kings 24:8-20a

You will need: A bowl of treats (e.g. lollies, fruit)

All Ages Activity:

As you read the passage get your family or Growth Group to act it out. You will need some people to play God’s people. Others to play the invading Babylonians including King Nebuchadnezzar.

Setup one part of the room as Israel. Have the “gold” (treats in a bowl) there with them. Then as you read the passage send in the Babylonians to “lay siege” to Israel, and the carry off the people of Judah & their “gold”, and even eating some of the treats as conquering Babylonians.


Have you ever been sent to detention (RTC, RTR, etc.) at school? Or had a time out at home? Why did this happen?

At the time of 2 Kings God’s people were in God’s place, but they were not living under God’s rule. The last king of Judah did evil in the eyes of God, just like his father and many of the kings of Judah did. As a result of their continued disobedience over many generations God was rightfully angry and decided to act. He sent God’s people away from God’s place and all the good things that were there. They were sent to a detention that lasted for 70 years!

But thankfully this is not the end of the story. Someone is coming to bring all of God’s people together in God’s place under God’s rule forever.

Prayer idea:

Prayers of confession. Get each person to think of something they have done that would not please God. Get each person to confess this to God in prayer, but also say thanks that Jesus has already paid the price for their rebellion and they are still guaranteed to be home with Jesus forever.

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