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Family Growth Term 3 2018

Week 8: Glorious Jesus

Big idea

Jesus says he must die and rise again, showing his glory as God. God tells us to listen to him and live his way.

Bible passage

Luke 9: 28-36


You Will Need

Lemon juice, cotton buds, blank white paper, iron


A white crayon/thin white candle, blank white paper, watercolour paint, thick paintbrush

NOTE: Before starting the activity with your group, create an invisible message by writing out Luke 9:35 on blank white paper using lemon juice (with a cotton bud) or a white crayon/thin white candle. If using lemon juice you will need to allow about 30 minutes for the writing to dry before continuing.

All Ages Activity

Read the bible reading and list all the ways the glory of Jesus is shown.

Reveal the invisible message to your group by:

  • Ironing over a message written with lemon juice OR
  • Painting over a message written with crayon/candle

You might like to display the revealed message in a prominent place during the week.


The glory of Jesus is revealed to the disciples on the mountain – a bit like how we revealed the invisible message on the paper.

What other ways has the glory of Jesus been revealed to us?

Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

Thank you for showing us your glory as God by dying and rising again. Please help us listen to and follow you. In Jesus name we pray.