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Family Growth Term 1 2018

Week 6: Freedom for Captives

Big idea

Jesus starts to show and tell people the good news of the kingdom of God.

Bible passage

Luke 4:38-44


All Ages Activity

Get members of your family or growth group to act out the events in the passage. You will need people to play:

  • Jesus
  • Simon’s mother-in-law
  • Sick people
  • Demon possessed people
  • General people

Try and add some dramatic flair to each event.



As Jesus starts his public ministry we see him doing AMAZING things. He is healing sick people. He is driving out demons. He is telling people about good news of the kingdom of God.

Imagine you were there witnessing these things.

How would you feel seeing these things in front of your eyes?

What would you think of Jesus?


Through the Bible we can see these events again, and be amazed just like the people who were there. And just like the people who saw these things we are also encouraged to keep watching what Jesus does, and listening to his words.

How can you best do that as individuals? Together?


Prayer idea

Thank you father for sending Jesus to do AMAZING things on earth. But more than that thank you that you sent Jesus to bring in the kingdom of God through his death & resurrection. Help us all live as good members of that kingdom every day.

In Jesus name.