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Family Growth Term 1 2018

Week 7: Free to Follow

Big idea

Jesus’ real mission is to forgive sins, and call people to follow him.


Bible passage

Luke 5:17-32


Primary Age Activity

Get someone from your family or group to share their story of how they came to follow Jesus.
High School Activity

Pick a story from one of the following to watch together as a family or growth group.


Then get someone from your family or growth group to share their story of how they came to follow Jesus.



In today’s Bible passage we see that while Jesus was doing amazing things, he was also calling people to follow him. Even some of the most unlikely people like Levi. And we see in the stories shared today that Jesus still forgives sins and calls people to follow him. He calls people from all sorts of unlikely backgrounds to come and follow him together. Jesus is truly amazing in how he can change lives with his love and forgiveness.


Prayer idea

Think of some people in your life who don’t follow Jesus. Pray that Jesus might call them to follow him as well. Pray that God might use each person in your growth group or family to be play a part in introducing them to Jesus.