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As followers of Jesus, it is a wonderful thing to fear God.

Ecclesiastes  12:13

13Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.

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“He isn’t safe, but he is good”. I love that quote from Mr. Beaver in the Chronicles of Narnia. I love how well it captures something wonderful about who God is. Our God is One who is to be feared – when he speaks, the peoples tremble (Is. 66:5) His majesty and holiness is so far beyond understanding. He is a God who is fierce in his anger. But he is fierce in his love. His love is abounding. He is good.

Here at the end of Ecclesiastes, the author steps in to speak this incredible truth: To fear God and keep his commandments – that is our created purpose, and our duty as human beings. Wow. After countless chapters of despair about life that is so often confusing, and seemingly senseless – here is the final word on the matter.

As followers of Jesus, it is a wonderful thing to fear God. It isn’t a fear that makes us pull the blankets up over our heads in terror, but it’s a fear that comes with knowing how truly awesome our God is. It’s a fear that moves us to worship. That’s what we were made for.

Thinking about this, it’s hard not to feel a sense of joy. Joy because we can live in thankfulness to God for placing us in this world, to live in it and make our home in it, knowing we have an eternal home stored up for us. Joy because God has made his home with us, through Jesus, and by the power of his Spirit is growing us and changing us to be more and more like his Son.


Head: What is it about God’s character the moves you to worship?

Heart: What is it about the cross that moves you to worship?

Hands: How does this change the way you think, speak and act? If you can, take time to jot down your thoughts to those questions, and keep meditating on these things throughout your day.


Heavenly Father,

I give thanks to you today for the way you are so rich in love. That you would extend your love to me, as one who by nature has turned away from you in sin. Thank you that while I was dead in sin, Christ died for me. By your Spirit, I pray my heart would be reminded daily of this wonderful truth that brings joy to my soul.

A Song to Listen to: Joy! “Let our lives declare your love, let all we are declare your love…Christ be our joy forever!”

Josiah Wilson

This Grow Daily was originally posted as part of the Must See Passages series in 2016. During the School Holidays we take the opportunity to look back at the best of Grow Dailys over the years.

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