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Family Growth Term 1 2019

WEEK 8 – Enter Through The Narrow Door

Big idea

Jesus warns people to turn to him before it is too late.

Bible passage

Luke 13:22-30

All Ages Activity

Setup a doorway in your house to make it very narrow and hard to get through. You could stack up a bunch of mattresses or couch cushions that allow just one person to squeeze through at a time.

Then depending on the number of people in your family or growth group set a challenging time limit (maybe 30 seconds) for everyone to try and get through the ‘narrow door”.

Ready, set, go!


How hard was it to get through the narrow door that you created in your house?

In the passage Jesus gets a question “are only a few people going to be saved”. Then he starts talking about trying very hard to enter through the narrow door because soon the owner of the house is going to close to door and no one else will get in.

We need to understand that Jesus is the narrow door. He is the way into God’s house and God’s family. We need to make every effort to come to a relationship with Jesus before it is too late. And we need to invite many others to come to God through the narrow door that is Jesus before it is too late for them.

Prayer idea

Dear Heavenly Father.

Thank you for Jesus. Thank you that he is the narrow door through which we can be part of your household and your family. Help us to always come to Jesus as the way into a loving relationship with you. And help us invite others to enter your household through Jesus before it is too late for them.

In Jesus name and by the Holy Spirit,


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