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Week 7- Do Science And God Work Together

Big idea

Science helps us understand how the world works, but not why.  Jesus shows us why the world is the way it is and how to live in it.


Bible passage   

John 20:24-31

You Will Need (optional)

Search on the internet for “kidspot how to make a cloud in a jar”.

1 glass jar with lid

50 ml boiled water from the kettle

aerosol spray can (e.g. hairspray)

ice cubes


All Ages Activity

Follow the steps in the online science experiment instructions and video to make a cloud in the glass bottle.

Read out the explanation about how a cloud was formed in this experiment and relate it to how clouds form in nature.

 Cross,Jesus,God,Holy Spirit,Daily Devotions


Through this science experiment it was fun to learn about how clouds are formed. But the science doesn’t explain everything. Why did God create clouds? What good purpose does God have for them? Why are clouds also sometimes beautiful?


What other science facts do you know about how other parts of God’s creation works? What purpose do you think God has for these things?


While the science experiments help us understand how things work in this world, they don’t really explain why they are made this way. When we see God’s plan for the world fulfilled in Jesus it helps us understand why things are the way they are. And then Jesus teaches us how to live for God in this broken world.


Prayer idea

Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating everything in our world and giving us science to explain how your creation works. Please help us to look to Jesus to learn how to live in the world you created.

In Jesus name we pray.


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