David, God’s King?

Big idea

God’s promise to David shows he has a really big plan to bring blessing to the world through his son – a perfect leader.

Bible passage

2 Samuel 7:8-16 

You will need

Access to YouTube

All Ages Activity

Together with your family or Growth Group watch the following Music Video on You Tube about all the kings of Israel.

Search for “The Kings of the Bible Song” by Adam Zarn


The people of Israel wanted a king to lead them and to create a kingdom of peace and harmony. Many kings came and went, some showed great promise but in the end none of them was a perfect leader; they all failed. In the bible reading today God is reminding King David of what he has done and then he also makes David a special promise. He tells David that through his offspring will come a king who will have a throne of his kingdom forever.

David is given a glimpse of a king who will get it right and reign forever – a perfect leader. The prophet was also able to tell David that this coming king would be God’s son. We know now, of course, that he was telling David about Jesus, His punishment at the cross and the Kingdom of heaven.

Leaders still come and go. You will see your parents and other adults going to vote in elections and there is always the hope that the next one voted in will be ‘the one’ to get things right and solve all the problems. Some leaders show great promise but in the end none are perfect and they all fail us.

We, however, do have a choice to follow a perfect leader who has never failed and who God told David will rule forever. If we choose him we won’t need another king because his kingdom and people are forever. We have a choice to follow this king called Jesus and all we have to do is tell him that we want to be part of his kingdom.

Prayer idea

Dear Lord, We want to follow you and be in your kingdom. Please would you be our king forever. We ask this in your name. Amen