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Family Growth Term 2 2018

Week 5: Crowning the King

WEEK 5 – Which Crown do you choose?

Big idea

The crown of Saul looks like a win, but it’s actually a loss, caused by sin.  The crown of Jesus on the cross looks like a loss, but it’s actually the win over sin.


Bible passage

1 Samuel 10:14-26


You will need

2 disposable round plates (paper or plastic)


Textas, crayons or paint

Glue and Blu tack

Brown Sticks, leaves and twigs from the garden

Items to decorate a crown – tinfoil, beads, lollies, sequins, shiny ribbon or glitter etc

All Ages Activity

Plate 1- King Saul’s Crown

  • Draw 4 lines crossing evenly through the middle of a plate in a star shape
  • Cut along the lines, not cutting right to the edge of the plate – leave the rim uncut
  • With the plate upside down fold up the cut corners to form a crown
  • Colour/paint the crown a royal colour (optional)
  • Using the glue, stick on jewels of tinfoil, beads, ribbon or sequins etc. to decorate the crown

Plate 2 – Jesus’s Crown

  • Cut the center of the plate out
  • Turn the plate over and colour or paint it brown (optional)
  • Using the glue or Blu Tack stick on twigs or leaves to form a crown of thorns



A Youth pastor noted a boy looking a bit troubled, so he asked him what the problem was. The boy said that he was struggling to decide between going to watch a cricket game with friends or going on the church camp. The Pastor said to the boy “you will know what to choose once you have decided who you want to put in charge of your life.”

We all face similar choices every day and have to decide who we follow too.

In the reading above, the people of Israel had forgotten who was in charge and begged the prophet Samuel for a king. God allowed Samuel to choose Saul as their king even though this was a rejection of Him.

Saul looked and acted the part of a king – he was handsome and taller than other men and he gained wealth and power as the King of Israel. The sad thing was that it was not long before he abused his power and did many bad things, leading the people of Israel even further away from God. The crowning of Saul looks like a win, but it was actually a loss.

Later in the bible we learn about another king that God sent, his own son Jesus. At first glance Jesus was not as impressive as Saul and he died wearing a crown of thorns. Jesus on the cross looks like a loss but it was actually a win as his death leads us directly back to God’s favour by gaining us forgiveness.

Which of the two crowns you made is the one to choose?

As a group discuss choices you have made how the choice of the crown you follow may influence you.

Prayer idea

Pass the crown of thorns around to each person in your family/growth group as you pray. As you get the crown thank Jesus for something that you are grateful for about him. The oldest person can then close the prayer.



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