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Christmas The Blessed Hope | 6pm Sunday 24 December, 2023

The blessed hope is to live transformed lives in the present age while awaiting the Blessed hope of Jesus' return and redemption from wickedness.

No Other Gospel | Sunday, 25 February

Paul urges the importance of believing in the gospel of grace and not adding anything to it. We are warned that if we follow or teach a different gospel than the one preached by the apostles, we are in danger of being under God’s curse. We are not seek the approval of people, but to serve Christ alone, who gave himself for our sins and rescued us from this evil age.

Layers of Conversation | Sunday, 18 February, 2024

James introduces the concept of layers of conversation. There are three layers of conversation: interests, values, and worldview, and that the goal is to move from the superficial to the deeper level by asking good questions and listening well, paying attention and listening. We can make a transition from one sort of conversation into another, and eventually get to a deeper level where we can talk about our worldviews and share the gospel with others.

Go to their things | Sunday, 11 February, 2024

“It’s easy. We’re always hanging out. Dinners, movies, barbecues. We’re always going to their things. So they’re happy to come to one of our things.” James explains that this is a basic principle of building relationships and making friends. He further elaborates that if we want people to come into our community, we have to go to theirs. This means being good friends and good community members

Merging Universes | Sunday, 4 February, 2024

Christians, look for opportunities to merge your universes and build relationships with non-Christians. Merging universes is a lifestyle change that requires sacrifice and intentionality.